DIE STADT SCHAUT AUF DIE STADT: Nikolaus Koliusis: Selbstverständliches Blau, in „Aufstiege“, Lichtkunstfestival Stuttgart, 2016


Stuttgart Aussichtspunkt Birkenwaldstrasse


Arbeiten, Slider

Die Stadt schaut auf die Stadt.

When darkness falls, a row of light boxes shine out from the viewpoint on Birkenwaldstrasse, bathing the city in intense blue light. Taken together, these different-sized, rectangular boxes create an abstract design with an outline that seems to echo the urban skyline. In the daytime, the blue-treated surfaces play with the colours of the sky. The shimmering coloured surfaces at times contrast with and at times match the appearance of the ether. The “self-evident blue” of Koliusis can be experienced as a multifarious blue. It appears as the endless blue of the firmament, as a night-time interval in the blue of the daytime sky, as a glowing blue abstraction, or as the blue background to an advertising hoarding that shines out across the city.

Text: Julia Connert
Curator: Joachim Fleischer